Delicious Chicken with Caramel Balsamic

Delicious Chicken with Caramel Balsamic

This delicious Chicken with Caramel Balsamic is a unique and highly enjoyable creation. Fortune favors the bold, you don't want to slack on this awesome recipe. Experience sweet and savory chicken that provides the "wow" factor at your dinner table. Watch in enjoyment as your family try to guess the secret recipe, turning your culinary creation from the ordinary to the extraordinary. This recipe works beautifully with our Caramel Balsamic and Butter EVOO!



  • Wash the fillet. Be sure to dry well.
  • Divide the fillet into small cubes (1 cm x 1 cm) or cubes (2 cm x 1 cm).
  • Marinate to taste, but be sure to sprinkle with a small amount of lemon juice and refrigerate. The acidic environment and cold contribute to the denaturation of protein. The longer it will marinate, the better. You can even leave it for the night. You can add your favorite spices. Do not add salt, otherwise the meat will be dry. Salt must be applied immediately before heat treatment.
  • Get the meat. Lightly salt and pepper.
  • Heat the pan well over high heat. Drizzle in Butter EVOO. Fry each slice on both sides until golden brown. No need to fry until cooked, the chicken will cook during the caramelization
  • Dry the pieces with a towel, the excess fat will not allow caramel to lie down.
  • Heat a dry skillet over medium heat. Pour in Caramel Balsamic and add sugar. It is advisable to do it in a small dish. Sugar should be about half the pan, not too much. Vinegar should only cover it.
  • Wait until the sugar starts to bubble. Fry the pieces for about two minutes on each side, gently turning.
  • Put on plates. Garnish with caramel.

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